About Mike

Learn me. Love me.

  • I used to live in Hong Kong. Now I live in what I think is London but my postcode tells me is Essex. I have two sheds.
  • I have an excellent wife and equally excellent daughter. My wife and I met on OK Cupid. In the first picture she saw of me, I was shirtless and dancing with a giant Pok√©mon.
  • I thought for years that I had both a peanut allergy and a tree nut allergy. Turns out I only have a peanut allergy. I have recently got heavily into pecans.
  • I once found a dead bird in my shoe. That was distressing.
  • I'm pretty good at PhotoShop and Premiere Pro, and just about know what I'm doing on AfterEffects and InDesign. I have used every CMS under the sun, and could generally be said to know what I'm doing on the ol' internet.
  • I once drew a robot that ended up tattooed on a dude's leg. I was extremely proud.
  • I can raise each eyebrow individually.
I am probably, in fact almost certainly, exactly who you're after for that amazing new project you're putting together. Get in touch via the social links below or mikerampton at gmail dot com and let's, like, be friends.